Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Eye-fi Card released, now with RAW, Video, and Ah-hoc support

Just saw that this new eye-fi card, the eye-fi Pro, was released.

The good:
It supports RAW files
Allows you to use the Protect feature of your camera to selectivly transfer files (protect marks files read only, the eye-fi card see this and then transmits)
4GB finally, which also means its SDHC so it should be faster
Transfers Video files
Ad-hoc support, meaning you won't need to do the workaround I discussed earlier to use this in the field where you don't have an access point.

The bad:
Costs $149 (I feel its bad since the $79 version is essentially the same hardware with only different firmware)
Seeing as its still leveraging 802.11g I have doubts that it will transfer files faster then previous versions which was bearable for point and shoot jpegs, but with a15mb-20mb raw files?

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