Sunday, February 21, 2010

Need seamless paper? How about a 100ft (update:225 ft!) roll for the same price as 36ft?

For those photographers looking to shoot with seamless paper, this might be a deal for you if you're looking for white and not the 107" size thats so hard to transport anyway.

I wanted to buy a roll of regular seamless and when I noticed the typical 53" roll contained 12 yards and ran about $35 shipped, I thought to myself that paper in that size should be cheaper. And it was. I remember buying some plotter paper and I knew the rolls were bigger then just 12 yards.

So I did a little research and found this deal, HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper (60 Inches x 100 Foot roll) for just $17.95 + $16.46 shipping or about $35. Whats great is that you get 64 feet more and its also 7" wider!

Here is a link to the 100 foot roll I ordered from amazon,

UPDATE, there is this roll that is 225 feet long with free shipping, dunno how long it will last.. (link below shows a different price, but when I click on it it goes to $17.99) YMMV

If the 225 foot roll price is still high, this is a 150 foot roll (its not heavyweight however) someone else found on Amazon..

The paper works great, its a nice bright white and I like having the extra 7" to work with side to side. I'd prefer 107" when shooting but its just not practical for me travelling. This deal works out great and I have plenty to spare! Actually, I split the roll with some other photographers so we all have some white seamless now.


  1. Great tip Pete. I like the 7' size most of the time (I cut down a 9' standard roll). If you just need white seamless, this is a great idea.

  2. Thanks for the awesome tip. I grabbed a roll of this and have it set up in my el-cheapo studio. Cool stuff!

  3. Thanks for sharing this on the Strobist blog. I was curious to know how it worked photographically, specifically would the coating cause glare or highlights that a more matte-finished photo-specific paper wouldn't have. Fortunately, you've answered that question.

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you!! I shoot dogs in my studio located 200 yards from my house. You can't make dogs take off their shoes and work in their socks!! LOL I get dusty, dirty dog paws in addition to drool, licks from treats, treats, etc. Live in the SW, so mostly dry, but we do get snowstorms, mud, etc. Always hate to trim off the paper, especially after just one shoot. Ordering some today!! At this price I can actually cover up the good stuff until ready to shoot, then remove.

  5. I bought this paper last year when you first recommended it and wow has this ever been a great find! If you ever come across something this creative for black background please share as well! Thank you again for all the practical and fun tips.

  6. Oh oh looks like they got smart. The roll went up to over $60. Wish I'd bought two!